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ALL NATURAL: No Antibiotics and No Growth Hormones. JUST GRASS AND WATER!!!


We are located south of Morristown SD. about 15 miles from the ND border
We raise mostly black angus cattle there is some that have some Holstein influence in them but everything is over 50% black angus.. except the milk cow which is a guernsey. lol
We currently just raise cattle. We had 500+ head of sheep until we sold them in 2015.
We are not certified organic, but we do everything we can to be organic we just don't want the hassle of getting certified.
We don't raise grain finished beef because the nutrition in the grain finished beef is about half of what is in the grass finished beef. why would we want beef that has less nutrition. grass finished beef is just the healthier option and we are not big farmers..
The ranch has been in the family for 3 generations.
We feed hay in the winter months. since the grass on the range can be covered up in the winter months.
In the summer months we manage our ground by only giving the cattle the amount of forage they need for a few days [like3-4 days] then we move them. we use eclectic fence to manage the ground.

My family purchased a half beef from Dakota Lazy J. We received a wide variety of cuts which included prime cuts (various steak types) roasts, ribs, brisket and various fillets in addition to a large amount of ground beef. When you average the value of the prime cuts and the ground beef, the price is very reasonable. The real value of the beef, is the quality of meat. The deep red color identifies freshness.(no freezer damage or oxidation.) The flavor has a depth which makes seasoning unnecessary. All the cuts are well trimmed to include an excellent ratio of lean beef with enough fat for flavor and tenderness. The portion size is appropriate for normal meals. The cuts are uniform so they can be grilled to any doneness level without having under cooked or over cooked areas of meat. The ground beef is on the lean side so you are not having to remove & dispose of excess grease. When formed into a patty it cooks into a medium burger without falling apart or being dry. On the grill, patties cook easily without flaming. When used for crumbles, the ground beef browns quickly with a juice that includes little fat. The texture is course enough for excellent chili or tacos. We are very satisfied with our purchase and I look forward to another half beef from Sancho when there is room in the freezer. PS. You may ask for dog bones to be added to your package. (The red marrow and collagen are excellent for your pet’s health. [never feed pets cooked bones.]) Tom & Sue Jacobs