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Hamburger Special

Hamburger Special

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50+ lbs. of lean Ground Beef.
Total cost $350
Free shipping ($100 Value)
2 lb. and 1 lb. tubes 


How it works

After you place your order we will line up the butcher to have your beef processed. It will then be killed and Dry aged for 14-21 days. It will then be processed and shipped to your door. You will receive an email when your order is ready.

Shipping & Returns

we are offering free shipping until fathers day..

There are no returns after the package is sent...

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Delicious & Nutritious Beef

Grilling our beef will make you feel like a professional griller.

It is full of Omega 3 oils and is high in iron.

Our beef is the best source of natural protein around.

Our Guarantee

Guaranteed delivery frozen to your door. We also guarantee that there will be the poundage of meat that you purchased if not more. If you are not satisfied with how frozen it was delivered, we will make it right!!

Bonus #1

For a limited time, we will be offering free shipping on orders of 1/4 beef.

Bonus #2

The next 5 orders will receive 10 lbs. of hamburger (value of $60) with their order, free of charge.